MANIFESTO: Osaka Posters
Cover sheet with project introduction and credits.
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List of arts organizations, compiled by Arts-Aporia in conjunction with Atopia Projects.

Window at a Juvenile Institution in Germany (inside view) Photograph © Hiroko Inoue


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Beyond Innocence (BRIDGE)

Front (one-sided): Announcement of newly commissioned web-hosted music mixes by Yasuhiro Otani and Christof Steinmann (aka Softland).

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Front: announcement of web project by mex.

Reverse: Image and text project by Allison Wiese (Making a Whiskey Still / Still No. 2).

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Front: POEINU JOURNAL ISSUE 20 “The world and the new world.” Texts by Takashi Ikegami, Yasuzumi Tachibana, and Kanayo Ueda.

Reverse: Diagram of the self-built shelter of Yasuzumi Tachibana in Osaka, Japan.

Dance Box

Front: Text documentation of "Dance Karaoke" by Shigemi Kitamura.

Reverse: Texts by dancers and choreographers describing the initial sequence of movements upon waking. (Briony Anderson; Fe licia Ballos; Mun Lee; Julia Martin; Martinius Miroto; Allison Orr; Kyle Ross; Egbertina Torenbos)

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Front: Text by Richard Wentworth.

Reverse: Image and text by Richard Wentworth.

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Front: Disucussion about collaborative art production and organizations. (Edited transcript of email discussion between recip, The Steel Yard, and Tercerunquinta.)

Reverse: English translation of front.

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Front: Text by remo, describing the rules and premise of "remoscope."

Reverse: Sample remoscope images.

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