Atopia Projects
Atopia Projects is an arts organization that initiates curatorial and publishing projects. Co-founded and co-directed by Gavin Morrison (a writer/curator, based in Scotland and Marseille, France) and Fraser Stables (an artist, based in Northampton, Massachusetts, USA). Through an interrelated series of publications and exhibitions, Atopia Projects aims to function as a type of non-place—a roaming site that explores the methods and means of production and distribution. Initial projects involved a thematic inquiry into the nature of place; this has subsequently expanded to a consideration of the projects themselves as sites that are informed by the specifics of location and collaboration.

The first full issue of the periodical Atopia Journal was released in 2000 (Place/Non-Place), and since then it has adhered to an erratic publishing schedule. Atopia Journal seeks to function in a fundamentally dialogical manner, both in production and distribution: it is often generated through collaborations with guest editors and institutions (including: Blaffer Museum, Houston; Osaka Contemporary Art Center; and Edinburgh College of Art), and has employed a diverse range of publishing methods. As an informal platform for investigation, the journals are often generative of other publications and exhibitions (in addition to the journals, Atopia Projects produces one or two books per year, which investigate themes from a range of disciplinary perspectives). Atopia Projects has released several journals and books in conjunction with our curated exhibitions, in which case they provide a research framework while also being stand-alone publications.

Atopia Projects has utilized its research methodologies through pedagogic activities, including projects and workshops with groups of students (both graduate and under-graduate), who have operated as curators or editors for an issue of the journal. Other workshops have been conducted with students to explore and develop thematic projects in relation to specific publishing frameworks.

Atopia Projects publications are available from our online shop, with free shipping, or can be purchased from selected art book retailers such as: Art Metropole (Toronto, Canada); Camden Arts Centre (London, UK); Dashwood Books (New York City, USA); Moderna Museet (Stockholm, Sweden); New Museum (New York City, USA); Pile of Books (Zurich, Switzerland); Printed Matter (New York City, USA); Pro qm (Berlin, Germany); Scottish Gallery of Modern Art (Edinburgh, UK); Spoonbill & Sugartown (Brooklyn, USA) amongst others. Our titles are also held in various institutional libraries.

Atopia Projects can be contacted at mail[at]atopiaprojects.org